The Foxtail Palm

When you drive around Southern California or parts of the
Southwest, do you ever wonder if there are any
other palms
that exist in the world? Even more so, do you ask yourself if
they can grow and survive in this rather dry and moderate

We here at
SoTropiCal Foxtails believe we offer such a palm
which is becoming increasingly popular in cultivation, but still
relatively unknown in Southern California.  It is the Wodyetia
Bifurcata (Foxtail Palm) which is named after an Australian
Aborigine Native who knew well about the cultivation of these
palm species throughout his life.

These beautiful tropical palms were not discovered until around
the mid 80's.  The reason?  They only existed in one remote
area of the world, in the state of Queensland, Australia in the
Bathurst Bay-Melville Range. Before 1995, seeds were
smuggled illegally out of Australia for growers in Florida, as well
as other parts of the world.  After 1995 the seeds and trees
were legal to be exported.  Because of this very recent
discovery, the Foxtail Palm is basically unknown to the West

Our vision to not only educate people about this soon to be
"the palm to get", but we want to enjoy the tropical presence it
can bring to any private or public garden. Whether you are a
professional, serious palm grower, a palm enthusiast or an
ordinary person trying to find the right palms to plant in your
front yard, the Foxtail Palm (Wodyetia Bifurcata) can be the
essential choice for your design. It is becoming one of the most
sought after palms throughout the world, because of it's
tropical appearance, it's cold hardiness (down to 27 degrees),
it's drought tolerance, it's self cleaning capability, just to name
a few.  If you have visited central and southern Florida lately,
you can see what Southern California landscapes will soon
become like.  Why not be one of the first to introduce Foxtail
Palms to our culture?

We will discuss these beautiful, natural works of art, in more
detail on our other pages of our website.  Feel free to surf
around...perhaps you'll become one of the many who are
catching the "Foxtail Fever".  Enjoy!

We also offer other rare and beautiful palms.  These include;
the California Coconut Palm (beccariophoenix alfredii), the
Flame Thrower Palm (chambeyronia macrocarpa), the Kentia
Palm (howea fosteriana, the King Kong Palm (caryota gigas),
the Myola King Palm (archontophoenix myolensis), the Purple
King Palm (archontophoenix purpurea), the Royal Palm
(roystonea regia), the Teddy Bear Palm (dypsis leptocheilos),
the Travelers Palm (ravenala madagascariensis), the Foxy Lady
Palm (wodveitchia), and Tropical Plants as well.
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Foxtails growing in
native habitat at the
Cape in Australia.
Still considered
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foxtail palm - wodyetia bifurcata
california coco palm - beccariophoenix alfredii
flame thrower palm - chambeyronia macrocarpa
king kong palm - caryota gigas
myola king palm - archontophoenix myolensis
purple king palm - archontophoenix purpurea
royal palm - roystonea regia
teddy bear palm - dypsis leptocheilos
travelers palm - ravenala madagascariensis
Other Palm Offerings
tropical plants - ground covers & fillers
Juvenile Foxtail
About 4 years old.